Boutique development that treads
lightly on the earth.

Building homes of distinction since 1994.

Known for creating townhome and condominium enclaves that complement their surroundings, at Wedgewood Ventures we have a fresh and distinctive perspective on home building.

We listen to what buyers have to say, designing welcoming homes with living spaces that are both elegant and efficient to accommodate a range of lifestyle needs, now and in the future.

From conception to construction to completion, only first-rate site and architectural planning, quality materials and craftsmanship go into a Wedgewood home.

We like to think what particularly sets Wedgewood apart from many other developers is our respect for the environment in which we build—both natural and human-made. Such respect shapes the way we do business and build our homes.

Wedgewood homes make a statement —they simply "live better."

Wedgewood Ventures


West Vancouver